The Cosmic Ocean silk tarot cloth and Constellation Tarot cards deck set
The Constellation Tarot cards deck, Tarot deck with stars
Ace of Cups Tarot card from The Constellation Tarot cards deck
The Constellation Tarot cards deck and silk tarot cloth
Silk Tarot Cloth for Tarot cards deck
Six of Wands from the Constellation Tarot cards deck
Tarot cards on a silk altar cloth, Tarot card spread
The Major Arcana cards of the Constellation Tarot card deck, stars and universe
The Wands suit of the Constellation Tarot cards deck
The Swords suit Tarot card spread from the Constellation Tarot deck
Pentacles minor arcana Tarot spread from the Constellation Tarot cards deck
The Cups minor arcana Tarot card spread from the Constellation Tarot deck
Tarot card cloth for Tarot card readings and spreads
Silk Tarot cloth, altar cloth for Tarot card readings

The Constellation Tarot Set — Cards & Cloth

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Discover the universe with this starry set of The Constellation Tarot cards and Silk Tarot Cloth.


The Constellation Tarot Card Deck - SILVER Edition
✦ 78 cards, 2.57" x 4.75"
✦ Two-piece box with silver foil
✦ EXPANDED booklet of meanings, 77 pages

Silk Tarot Cloth - Cosmic Ocean
✦  100% natural silk
✦  26" x 26" (67cm x 67cm)


The Constellation Tarot is a 78-card deck featuring magical illustrations set against the night sky, full of sparkle and light.

Great for beginners and advanced readers - the booklet of meanings provides practical, down-to-earth interpretations for your Tarot cards readings that can be applied to daily life, as well as for spiritual growth.

Each element of this Tarot card deck was hand painted and designed to infuse the images with genuine positive energy.


The 22 cards of the Major Arcana follow the structure of the classic Tarot deck - but with constellations, planets or stars reflecting the same message.

The Major Arcana speaks in archetypes and greater universal symbols, and is shown as larger celestial bodies of stars, planets and comets.

The 56 Minor Arcana cards are represented by Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles, that glow against a backdrop of the night sky, each with a landscape of fire, air, earth or water.

This is a pip deck, which is a deck similar to playing cards, in which all Court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King) are illustrated individually, and cards Ace to 10 show the suit symbols in unique arrangements.


The Cosmic Ocean Tarot Cloth features a painting of the universe, created to match the energy of the cards. A Tarot cloth or Altar cloth can be used for setting an intuitive environment for your Tarot card reading. The 100% natural genuine silk fabric is smooth and light, with a slight natural sheen that plays beautifully with the lights and darks of the painted sky.

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