X - The Wheel of Fortune

The Constellation Tarot deck - Learn tarot card meanings of the Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: destiny, fate, karma, cycles, higher plan

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is represented by the Constellation Draco in the Constellation Tarot deck.

The Constellation of Draco is named after the dragon Ladon from Greek mythology. The dragon Ladon guarded an apple tree with golden fruits that could make anyone immortal.🍏 Hercules was tasked to steal one of those apples, which he did by putting the dragon into an enchanted sleep. ✨ Just like the rotating Wheel of Fortune, this constellation appears to revolve around the north star and completes a full circle over the course of the year.

⁣This myth shows the higher forces that guard the immortal soul, and the human desire to trick fate, cheat death and be masters of our own destiny.

⁣⁣The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card meaning represents the higher powers at work that shape the events in our lives. Change is coming and needs to be embraced. If you follow the flow of life, the changes will come smoothly and will bring you to your destiny. If you resist, this energy will manifest as fate - less desirable circumstances that still aim to bring you into your destiny, but in a more forceful way. Life has its own flow, we have little control of it in the grand scheme of things - how can we, if we don't even know what tomorrow will bring?⁣

The beauty of this is knowing that life is working to bring you to your highest potential, to teach you valuable lessons, to liberate you, so you can live a life full of love and happiness. You just have to trust it.

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