XX - The World

The Constellation Tarot deck - Learn tarot card meanings of the World card

Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: completion, accomplishment, success, perspective, growth

The World Tarot card meaning represents a successful completion of a major life cycle. Something important has come full circle in your life and you have learned and integrated valuable lessons. You are not the same person you were, and are now better equipped for the next stage of your life. You see the world from a wider perspective, and are beginning a new cycle from the next level up. Your experience has made you wiser and new horizons have opened up for you.

This is a very interesting card to get in your Tarot card reading. It shows that you have grown and developed. Alternatively, the World card could also indicate that you need to look at the bigger picture, plan for the long term and live your life wholistically. 🌎⁣⁣ ⁣

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