XVI - The Tower

The Constellation Tarot deck - Learn tarot card meanings of the Tower card Major Arcana

Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: revelation, sudden insight, shocking truth, cleansing

The Tower Tarot card is represented in the Constellation Tarot deck as the constellation of Pavo the Peacock. In ancient Greek mythology, the peacock was a sacred bird of Hera, the Queen Goddess. When Hera suspected that Zeus was unfaithful to her, she asked the Giant named Argus to watch him. Argus had a hundred eyes and watched as Zeus took a Nymph as his lover. Zeus became angry when he discovered that they were being watched, and had the Giant killed. Hera was hurt by her husband’s betrayal and distraught after Argus’ death, so she scattered the eyes of the Giant all over the tail of her beloved peacock for his eternal memory. That is why even today the peacock’s tail has a hundred eyes. 🦚

The Tower Tarot card meaning usually reveals a painful but necessary truth. You will have a sudden realization and everything will finally make sense. It can be shocking, transformative and powerful. Often it is a blessing in disguise. Let the Tower of falsehoods fall and make room for something pure and true.

This time is good for cleaning and clearing everything that no longer makes your life better. Truth always comes to liberate. Go through the process and trust that you will come out of it better, brighter and happier than before.

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