XIX - The Sun

The Constellation Tarot deck - Learn tarot card meanings of the Sun card

Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: success, joy, happiness, illumination, energy, confidence

The Sun Tarot card meaning represents all the beautiful qualities of the luminous sun itself. The Sun shines its warm ⁣life-giving light unconditionally and without ⁣restraint. It illuminates our whole world and ⁣gives life on Earth. It is pure, powerful and ⁣abundant. It rises every morning, clearing ⁣away darkness, bringing positivity and joy.⁣⁣


The message of this card is as simple and powerful as the Sun itself. It is full of energy, vitality and confidence. Projects are successful, ⁣resources are plenty, relationships are loving, ⁣personal well-being is healthy and optimistic.⁣⁣⁣

Wishing us all more things represented by the Sun - more love, more warmth, more courage, truth and wisdom, clear thoughts, health and vitality, inner strength, peace and joy. 💛☀️⁣⁣ ⁣

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