III - The Empress

The Constellation Tarot deck - Learn tarot card meanings of the Empress

Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: creativity, pleasure, abundance, Divine Feminine

The Empress is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the female half of creation. She is represented by the planet and goddess Venus in the Constellation Tarot deck. Her power comes from her expansive inner world, her rich emotional intelligence, her ability to manifest life into being, and her strong intuition and deep spiritual connection to all of life.

She is a vessel allowing life to flow through her and direct her actions, completely in tune with her own higher self and divine will. ⁣⁣

When the Empress shows up in a Tarot cards reading, now is the time to create the best version out of what has been given to you. Feminine energy sustains and nurtures, developing something from a seed or an idea into a fully manifested being with pleasure and joy. ⁣⁣⁣

There is deep wisdom in feminine energy that we all have within us. It is profoundly intelligent and connected to the greater flow of life. It communicates to us through intuition and feeling about what is right for us at any given time. It needs no logic to validate it because it is truth beyond the rational mind. We need courage to follow it because it's unknown and mysterious, but it will always lead us on the right path. 🌹⁣

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