VIII - Strength

The Constellation Tarot deck - understand the tarot card meanings for the Strength card

Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: strength of character, self-control, self-mastery, self-awareness

The Strength Tarot card meaning is represented in the Constellation Tarot deck by the constellation of Hercules. The greatest of all Greek heroes, Hercules was most known for accomplishing the Twelve Labours — heroic tasks and tests assigned to him by the gods. Possessing great physical strength and temper, he had to learn to control both. He was fearless and brave, but his lack of wisdom and patience often worked against him.

When Strength shows up in your Tarot card reading, it represents strength of character, perseverence, courage, and inner power. It shows the ability to control our primal nature, by being aware of our instincts and emotions and directing them as we choose. Everything within us can be a lesson and a useful resource, if handled with intelligence and respect.

The Strength Tarot card meaning shows that it is our innate power, courage and strength of will that help us face and overcome any situation.

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