Queen of Swords

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Keywords: intelligent woman, wisdom, clear communication, inner awareness, decisions based on logic and reason

The Queen of Swords in a Tarot card reading can represent a wise and intelligent woman, who has mastered her mind. She has a sharp intellect and is aware of herself and her surroundings. She approaches every situation with a clear head, and makes wise decisions. She thinks before she speaks, and her actions are logical and strategic.⁣⁣

Others come to her for advice, because she is known to be fair and just. She can be cool and detached, sometimes even cold. If this is a person in your life, she is someone who needs to be approached through reason, rather than feeling. If it can't be rationalized, it's not worthy of her attention. If this card represents you, she is showing you your strengths. But be careful not to be too cold, harsh and unfeeling. You may be intellectualizing your emotions instead of feeling them directly. Everything works best when balanced. ⚖️⁣

In general, this is a good time for decision making and knowing truth from lies.

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