Five of Swords

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Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: conflict, annoyance, destabilization, challenge through communication

After the Four of Swords card in the Tarot deck, a card of rest, peace and retreat, comes the Five to shake things up. It destabilizes the comfort of the Four and brings in a new dynamic. The Five of Swords challenges the status quo, it wants change for the sake of change, it ignites conflict just to shake things out of a rut.

The Swords cards suit in Tarot manifest through the mental world as thoughts, communication, ideas, arguments. When the Five of Swords comes up in a Tarot card reading, the challenge of this card is to not get carried away by meaningless bickering, but to see that this discomfort is just trying to add fresh energy into your life. There is a lot of mental energy that can be used to think of new creative ways to change your routine. ⁣Go for it! 🌬️🌟⁣

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